Friday, October 29, 2010

Blood/Nectar Exhibit By Jason Limon

I was pretty excited to go see this exhibit when I first heard about it.. and rightly so!!  The new artwork from Jason Limon is absolutely beautiful.  

His use of combining plant-life with other planet life-forms can only be described as dreamlike, organic, alienesque and surreal.  What also gives this exhibit an extra quality is his use of beautiful, ornate, vintage looking frames, as if the painting was made for that frame.  This is definitely a must see exhibit!!

New Artwork by Jason Limon
Bold Hype Gallery
547 W 27th Street
5th Floor
New York, NY 10001
14th October - 12th November 2010

For more info you can go to his website

Here are some pics I took from the opening night!  The photos don't really do the paintings any justice, it's better to see them in person, but there are a lot more at the actually gallery so head on down! 

Me with the artist posing in front of one my favourite paintings from the exhibit!

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