Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just For The Halibut

While on my little adventure in London, I got chance to see my old NY housemate and good friend Louise Salmon!  

Louise Salmon is the master mind behind 'Just For The Halibut', where she has all sorts of goodies for your eyes to see.  Tees, limited edition screen prints, cushions, bags.. there is nothing this girl can't do!  

For more info on items or into to the mind of Miss Salmon you can follow her on Blogspot, Etsy and also on Facebook.

I was lucky enough to see this lovely lady in action doing one of her open air market stalls.  Here are some pics!!

This lovely passerby is Sarah Morley another NYC friend! Go check out her fantastic lomography on her Etsy site!!

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  1. love it!! Thanks so much to the blog hit miss jelly!!!
    love salmon x x