Monday, October 1, 2012

Resin Is King: Series 2 REVEAL!!

On Thursday 4th Oct is the release party for the Resin Is King Project, that I am so privileged to be part of for Series 2!! 

So far you have all just seen a little teaser, but now I am pleased to announce my reveal for the series!!

Here he is!! He isn't Jelly, but his friend Pie!

Eight of mine are coloured in the Tenacious Toys colour scheme with 2 chase colours.  Oh, and here is another little tease, 2 have GID eyes, can you guess which ones??

Each of the 16 artist will have ten pieces, and will also be blind boxed!  So happy hunting!!

The event is brought to you by Tenacious Toys and Dead Hand Toys and will take place at

4th October 2012

I and many of the artists will be there for you to meet and greet.  I will also have a limited edition print available for you to purchase at KRNY.

I have also created a facebook event here, but you also check out Tenacious Toys.

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